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FINTIM d.o.o.
Phone: +386 1 520 20 00
E-mail: fintim@siol.net

Fast contact:

+386 1 520 20 00

+386 1 520 20 00

fintim@siol.net fintim@siol.net
Accounting services
Payroll and calculation of
other personal income
Tax Consultancy


The Fintim Group provides accounting services for large, medium and small enterprises, as well as for private entrepreneurs. Services offered to our clients comprise not only posting and capture of data but also offering advise and consulting to give our clients assistance in efficient business management. Our work is based on the individual approach and ensures precise and professional provision of services to our clients taking into account the type of their activity, method and scope of operations.

We operate in the area of Ljubljana and its vicinity, and since 2003 also in the Primorska region in Koper. Besides the main activities of the Fintim Group, i.e. accounting, tax consulting and payroll and calculation of other personal income for domestic companies, we have specialised in accounting for foreign companies or subsidiaries of foreign companies in Slovenia as well.